A new expression of church for Ottawa’s spiritual misfits.


Rolling your eyes yet? We get it. We’ll be the first to admit that the Church doesn’t exactly have the greatest reputation. And for good reasons. Many have been thrown overboard, while others have jumped ship simply because of who they are or because they’ve asked too many questions. At Paradox Collective, we believe Jesus loves questions. We also believe his favourite people to hang out with were the ones on the fringes of social structures. Whether you’ve been thrown overboard, jumped ship, thinking about jumping ship or you’ve never been part of a church community in your life because you think Christians are bat-shit crazy; think of Paradox Collective as a life raft. We may not be a flashy life raft, but we’re committed to creating brave, honest, inclusive, innovative and liturgical spaces to doubt and believe, question and resolve, suffer and celebrate, wander and remain, wrestle and rest as we collectively try and figure out what it means to follow Jesus today.