Rose-ingrid gracia

Rose-Ingrid (she/her) is a biromantic/asexual member of the Haitian diaspora settled in Odawa/Ottawa. Being a Black, Queer, Woman in ministry lead her to reframe how she approached her faith and the communities she belonged to kickstarting her decolonization journey. Now working as an actor, writer, singer and educator, Rose-Ingrid desires to help create art and community rooted in decolonization, liberation and spirituality. She is an alumnus of The Reformation Project Leadership Development Cohort program and has studied ministry and music in Ottawa and Tkaronto/Toronto. She enjoys the ocean, podcasts, cooking and good chats over a bottle of wine.


missy hill

Born and raised in Arkansas and Texas, Missy studied in Sydney, Australia, has pastored in Ottawa, Ontario and is an artist focussed on photography. As a Queer Christian, Missy is passionate about engaging in conversations with other Queer folks surrounding their identity and spirituality, helping them to see that the two are not at odds. She loves asking questions and hearing people’s stories. As an Enneagram Type 2w1, she’s an empathetic helper by nature and seeks to serve people in any way she can. She enjoys art, books, nature and getting her hands dirty.


andrew hill

Born and raised in Southern Ontario, Andrew studied theology in Sydney, Australia and has pastored in Houston, Texas and Ottawa, Ontario. As an Enneagram Type 1w2, he seeks to help reform the ways in which people think and feel about God, and he’s an advocate for positive change in the world. Well aware that many churches have the spotlight on white male cishet pastors, he’s happy to get out of the way and point to other voices. He enjoys comedy, film, music, reading and writing.