andrew hill
founding pastor

Born and raised in Southern Ontario, Andrew studied theology in Sydney, Australia and has pastored in Houston, Texas and Ottawa, Ontario. As an Enneagram One with a Two-Wing, he loves to help reform the ways in which people think and feel about God. As an advocate for change, he’s always striving to improve things - especially for marginalized and oppressed people groups. He struggles with patience. Well aware that many churches have the spotlight on white male cishet pastors, he’s happy to get out of the way and point to other voices. He enjoys comedy, film, music, reading and his family.


missy hill
founding pastor

Missy grew up in the southern states of Arkansas and Texas. She went on to study in Sydney, Australia and became a pastor at a church in Ottawa for two years after that. Missy is an artist focussed on photography, and a mom - raising three boys. She also volunteers with Church Clarity. As a bisexual woman who also identifies as Christian, Missy is passionate about engaging in conversations surrounding identity and spirituality. She loves asking questions and hearing people’s stories. As an Enneagram Two with a One-Wing, she’s an empathetic helper by nature and seeks to serve people in any way she can. She enjoys art, books, cooking, nature and getting her hands dirty.