Regardless of your beliefs (or lack thereof) in or about God, you’re fully welcome to participate at Paradox Collective without hiding where you’re at. You’re a person, not a project. While we’re rooted in the Christ tradition, we don’t hold the monopoly on Jesus. Any belief that isn’t rooted in the oppression of another will be respected.

People of all ages, gender expressions/identities, sexual identities/orientations, sex characteristics, physical/mental abilities, races and socio-economic statuses are free to participate and lead at all levels of church leadership and liturgy.

We’re traditionally innovative. We sing hymns, we sing songs, we say prayers, we read scripture, we give sermons, we recite poems, we make art, we fight for justice, we share stories and we share our lives with one another - the good and the bad.

Our eucharist table offers bread, gluten-free bread, wine and juice. It is an open table, which means everyone is invited - without exception.

Children, we love it when you are are actively involved as full participants. You are not a distraction, but a reminder of God’s presence, goodness and joy. We do offer a children’s liturgy for ages 1-10 for those who wish to participate.